Friday, February 20, 2009

A Fitting Dream

How fitting for my first post to be a dream....

I dreamed I had gone to a convention of sort (comics, gaming, or something like that) alone. I was wandering around, checking stuff out and I ran into this guy. He was here on his own as well, having left his family, younger brothers, sisters, etc at home (don’t ask me how I knew that, in my dream I just did). Anyways, we hit it off well enough, in a friendly sort of way. We ran into each other a few more times throughout the day.

Jump forward to later that night. We’re hanging out in the halls. Somehow we start making out and end up having passionate, up-against-the-wall sex (literally). In my dream I knew I was cheating. We were in his room afterwards cuddling when some unexpected guests dropped by- a mom and her two children, friends of his family. Apparently they had decided to come to the con but she didn’t know if there were any other children there for her kids to play with. It was awkward for us though she didn’t notice. I subtly hinted that there were some children running around and maybe she’d like to bring her boys out to find them. She just kind of brushed it off, wanting to visit yet.

Then the phone rang irl and I woke up.

The weird thing is, in my dream the stranger (his name was Mike or Matt or something) looked JUST like my boyfriend- the one I was cheating on, my irl boyfriend of almost 2 years now. I even thought about how odd that was IN the dream. In my dream I knew cheating was wrong and was bothered by it but not as much as I should have been (thus the cuddling).

I submitted this to Em & Lo. Let's cross our fingers and hope something comes of it. I can't even decide whether or not to be upset by this dream yet. I mean, the guy did look exactly like mah man.

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